Monday, 14 February 2011

You want me to be objective?

Hi there guys,

So, after watching MaxieMagyx fabulous review of 'The Warrior Heir' by Cinda Williams Chima over on YouTube, I decided to check out an article that she had linked. She felt pretty strongly about the article and, after reading it, I can see why. I suggest at this point that you have a read of the article and get your own perspective on what the author is saying before you read on. You can find it at:

Read it? As furious as I am? Then please, read on...

Now, as a literature student, I know how important it is to not let your personal opinions cloud your judgement or analysis, trust me, It's been drilled into my head by my fabulous literature teachers from day 1 (I myself am about to ignore any concept of objectivity). In this sense, it is easy to understand why the author feels so strongly about receiving negative criticism on a book that I'm sure she worked very hard to produce. However, this article is perhaps the most hypocritical load of tosh I have ever read! You want me to supply 'evidence'? To 'quantify' my opinions? Here it is....

'Unprofessional' she says. Yeah, sure, I agree: some reviewers can be unprofessional in their execution, even offensive. But wait, what is that, is that TEXT speak in a well developed and supposedly serious article? (or words to that effect. LOL.). I see. It's a good job she's a professional.

Secondly, the whole article is tinged with bitterness (see whole article for quotation to prove this). How can the author seek to gain objectivity if she can't express it within her own article?

And, my personal favourite: 'So why did I allow these couple of reviews get to me? Well, for starters, the reviewers were not professional'. 1)Of course, It's the REVIEWERS fault that you let them get to you, 2)Not professional? Yes. You yourself have called them out as amateurs. Did you expect differently?

Scratch that, THIS is my favourite: 'If you cannot write an objective review and back up what you say, then don't write anything at all'. Yes, I see. This is written by a woman who has written an entire article without evidencing one point, with only relating her own, personal experiences to the so called 'unprofessional' reviewer and who reeks of bitterness and subjectivity!

If you happen to be reading this, Sylvia Massara, I hope that I have provided enough evidence to support my argument. I understand that you and your fellow authors have worked very hard to get where you are today and that your article was probably written as a heated and momentary lapse of reason after being offended, as was mine. I would also implore you to understand that not all authors will have the opportunity to have their books reviewed by 'professionals' and they should be appreciative of the time ANY reviewer takes to read their books. And, you get a bad review? Ignore them, you can't please everyone. And you certainly won't please everyone if you go out of your way to take a stand against amateur reviewers, most of which will be the ones that read your book.

Rant over,



  1. And how were you supposed to give evidence without spoiling the book? i agree with you